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ABOUT Art.com


We are real so you may be the art lover This means that you can easily access amazing art images and first-class craftsmanship. Because when you find the art you love, you will love your space more … and that’s the point. Regardless of your interest, your style of decoration, your inspiration, we will surely have something you cannot live without  it. We believe that art is dynamic, individual and connected to it, and the experience of buying and living with it should be the same. From the moment you browse our site, until the day your art is delivered, our team has set a goal: to delight you at every stage of the journey.


Art be packaged


Posters, photos, and art prints are folded onto thick paper to protect against dust before being packed in corrugated triangular shipping containers. We are not currently engaged in flat cargo delivery, but we have chosen to choose the safest way to process and deliver your art. Framed items are securely enclosed and housed in adjustable corrugated inserts that secure the frame in place.

 Ready to ship


We take into account resources and carbon dioxide emissions, we combine several products in one order in one batch. As soon as you arrive at our warehouse, we will send you the complete order in one batch. If your shipment is delayed due to an undelivered order, you can request the rest of your order to be shipped. This will not affect the shipping cost, but please contact our support team directly to request it.


Manage the Canvas Transfer into image


A canvas transfer is an image in the form of a print or poster that has been transferred and fixed to the surface of the canvas. We transfer of your family photos hanging in the kitchen as room decoration. A canvas transfer is an image in the form of a print or poster that has been transferred and fixed to the surface of the canvas. A poster or paper print is covered with a special film that removes the image from the paper. A film with an embedded image is sealed to the surface of the canvas. The image is now part of the canvas, taking the texture of the canvas surface. The whole piece has a transparent protective layer against UV rays and is placed on a wooden frame. These are the same frames that artists use to stretch their canvases for the original canvas. A paper base is added for a professional, finished look. For ventilation, rectangular holes are cut at the top of each frame. This helps prevent mold from forming on the back of the canvas, which can ultimately lead to cracking or peeling of ink on the front of the canvas. An art transfer canvas offers a stylish way to keep your poster or art print. The canvas transfer process gives your product additional durability. The protective varnish helps prevent discoloration and water damage. The art of transferring the canvas is generally very long-lasting. They require the same basic care as any other quality print. As with any artwork, images on canvas should be protected from direct sunlight. Unlike printing, you can clean the surface of varnished cloths with mild soap and water or a window cleaner. All canvas translations will be shipped framed through FedEx within the United Stat