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About ASOS


Our ASOS brands, created by our London-based design team, try to find the freshest clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts.  At ASOS, we choose the best to deal you the utmost diversity, astonishing exclusives and inordinate teamwork. And in case this wasn’t enough, we also have a number of top-notch Face Body products with which you can also express yourself. There are no rules there, just infinite ways of being you And we do our best to help you stay fit by offering our ASOS brands over 30 sizes, and we strive to provide all sizes at the same price, so you can be sure we have the perfect fit for you. We are also proud to partner with GLAAD, one of the greatest activists in the LGBT community, in the field of gender neutral collections to unite in accelerating adoption. It is very important for us to promote a healthy body image, we do not strive to comply with any stereotype, therefore, we work with more than 200 models to And we do not digitally change its appearance … there are no changes or removal of stretch marks. Our models are part of the ASOS family and we support them by following the Model Wellness Policy. Our goal is to help young talents, from cool new models to inspiring new voices, and this goes beyond the world of fashion. We bring creative perspectives from all sectors so that they can achieve brilliant results. Photographers, cooks, musicians … whatever, we meet incredible people from all over the world and help them in the implementation of their passionate projects.



This may vary depending on the delivery method that the seller provided or the one you selected, as well as where or where the products are delivered, the seller will indicate the delivery time in the delivery information section in his listing. Delivery to your country will generally be faster than international, depending on the chosen delivery method. Some sellers use delivery services that allow you to track delivery. For more information, contact the seller by clicking the envelope icon on their display case or on any of their items for sale.




It has various delivery methods, depending on what the seller has decided to offer. If the desired delivery method is not available, you should contact the seller and ask if they are ready to offer an alternative delivery method and add it to The seller probably did not include a delivery option in your area. You can send a message to the seller and ask him if he is shipping to your country or he will be happy to make an exception.  Just find the seller using the search box at the top of the page and click “send us a message” on one of your product pages.


Return Policy


Return postage is your responsibility, unless the item is incorrect or defective, in which case the Seller will refund the return postage. If you cancel your contract in accordance with the 2013 Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Fees) Rules, then for any standard transportation costs you have. Payment for the purchase will be included as part of your refund. Please note that the seller may refuse to return if the garment was manufactured to your exact measurements, i.e.E.) On an individual order. Items you return must not be used and in their original condition, with the exception of your right to inspect products and try on clothing.