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About Heel.com


Heel is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development and manufacture of medicines from natural ingredients. At Heel we are pioneers in the field of natural medicine, and a spirit of curiosity determines how we think and work. This thinking is driven by the company today and goes back to our founding father, Dr. Another hallmark is our strong commitment to research and evidence. Our natural medicines are safe and effective in treating many diseases. Using advanced practice-based research technology and experimental clinical research, Heel aims to discover how these drugs work in the body. Our goal: to develop treatment methods that further meet the medical needs of patients. We are convinced that the future belongs to medicine, which is based on strengthening the capacity of biological networks to regulate them through therapeutic care. Heel medications consist of low concentrations of various natural active ingredients (multi-component) that affect various treatment points in the body (multi-purpose). When biological networks stop regulating, causing disease, this unique therapeutic approach offers a safe and effective way.


Heel World wide


Heel. What started as a visionary has grown into a global pharmaceutical company operating in 50 countries. We develop, manufacture and distribute natural medicines that have multipurpose properties. Following our pioneering approach and our passion for what we do, Heel is currently one of the world’s leading companies in the field of natural medicine. Thanks to our safe and effective medications, we have become a trusted partner for patients, physicians, pharmacists, and medical scientists worldwide. Heel’s sustainable international growth is the result of our long-term strategy of commitment and reliability. Our global reach has been made possible through collaboration with strong local partners: almost all of our products are manufactured at Heel in Baden-Baden, Germany, and are distributed through a They guarantee that worldwide, patients can be treated with heel medications, which were “made in Germany”. The guaranteed high quality of Heel Natural Medicines is another reason why patients and doctors trust us.


Our Product


It is good that a living organism is capable of self-regulation. But sometimes you may need support, and here are Heel’s natural medicines. In heel preparations, various active components are selectively combined and activated for various purposes in the body. This multipurpose approach to heel medications allows the body to activate its ability to self-regulate, and not just suppress symptoms and signs of the disease. Multi-component heel medications are primarily composed of natural ingredients in low concentrations and are therefore well tolerated and have minimal side effects. High clinical research standards have shown that Heel pharmaceuticals are effective and safe. Regardless of whether Heel is used in humans or animals, this good safety profile is another reason why millions of doctors and patients trust Heel’s natural medicines when it comes


Our Reward


When it comes to policies like a life-oriented workplace or implementation best practices, Heel has always been one step ahead. This is one of the reasons why we always choose one of the best employers in Germany and why we receive several awards for family friendship: We have been ranked among the best employers in Germany for the past ten years and in 2019 we received the tenth award “Best Employer in Germany” from the Institute