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About Hello Fresh


In 2011 HelloFresh founders Dominic and Thomas decided to change the way we eat. So it was a great dream, but they believed that everyone should have access to the best ingredients for its preparation, not only experts and enthusiasts. And so they spent the whole day packing up their shopping bags and manually delivering them to their first ten customers: their families and friends! There were plenty of midnight cooking sessions and crazy jerks to find last-minute supplies, but gradually her dream came true. From the beginning, the company began to gain momentum, opening in 13 countries in the past 8 years. HelloFresh currently supplies around 80 million dishes to more than 2.97 million customers (data from the fourth quarter of 2019). HelloFresh is a leading global provider of food sets, constantly strengthening its leadership position. Despite this growth, the HelloFresh philosophy remains unchanged: we, as before, strive so that everyone can prepare delicious meals for themselves, their friends and their families.


Our Aim


We strive to provide every home in 12 markets the opportunity to enjoy healthy home-made meals without cooking, shopping, or hassle-free. Everything you need for tasty dishes is carefully planned every day, carefully thought out and delivered to the door of each subscriber at the most convenient time for them. Behind the scenes, a huge data-driven technology platform puts us in a good position, allowing us to use contact points with subscribers. This allows us to constantly manage supply chains and demand, as well as optimize the quality of customer service and the economy of our business. Our regular supply subscription business model allows us to fundamentally change the way consumers buy food and to develop new ways that people cook and consume food by changing theHelloFresh is at the forefront of destroying a multi-billion dollar industry at the beginning of its online transition.


Our Guarantee


HelloFresh raised its full-year forecast to 31% – 33% annualized revenue growth in constant currency and AEBITDA positive margin of 0.50% – 1.75%  Changes to the HelloFresh management team: Ed Boyce is appointed to the Board in a new position as CCO, Uwe Voss becomes CEO of the USA. USA Berlin, November 5, 2019: HelloFresh SE, the world’s leading food packaging company, continues to deliver exceptionally good results as it publishes its second consecutive profitable quarter. Therefore, the company is paving the way for the first full-year AEBITDA balance. Our strong third quarter shows well how far we have come. We continue to offer a variety of dishes and products in constant expansion and improvement. At the same time, our food kits have a positive impact on the environment, significantly reducing the amount of food waste and carbon emissions that are common to traditional Finally, once again we have shown that we can do business very profitably, increasing market share and customer satisfaction, “says Dominic Richter, CEO and co-founder of HelloFresh  se As reported on October 14, the company raised its annual forecast. Revenue is currently expected to grow approximately 31% -33% in constant currency and an AEBITDA margin of 0.50% – 1.75%.