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About H&M

We are a family of brands driven by our commitment to making Design is available to everyone in a sustainable way. offer fashion, design and services that let people get inspired and express your personal style making life easier The new concepts and initiatives are part of the H&M Group’s sustainable growth strategy.Top of Form Treadler will enable its customers to take advantage of the experience of the H & M Group, long-term partnerships with suppliers and strategic sustainable work, helping them overcome initial . We see the opportunity to use the full potential of H & M Group’s extensive investment and progressive work, meeting customer needs and fostering the long-term growth of the H & M Group, while stimulating changes in our industry. By sharing our knowledge and work experience ,it is said to a teamWe encourage and help each other achieve our goals, always remembering the interests of our customers and the company.


Constant improvement

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved, but we are still far from perfect. We never stop, we never agree, we redefine our limits and expand our expectations, as we conduct business and interact with the outside world. These are small improvements every day that make a big difference. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and we act on the basis of the best. If there is a better way forward, we will find it.


Sensible cost


Being a responsible for costs means to keep track of costs and making smart, sustainable decisions, even in small everyday tasks. Therefore, we are looking for ideas and solutions that benefit our business, while avoiding careless expenses. The greatest technique to finance in the upcoming is to take caution of our people, our products, our consumers in our world


Financial Calendar


H & M Group publishes quarterly sales data, interim reports and annual reports in Swedish and English. Among our press releases, some have the nature of regulatory information; they can be found in the News section. H & M Group strives for good communication with its shareholders, therefore we have an investor relations (IR) department. The H & M Group constantly communicates with business media and financial markets, for example, through press conferences and telephone conferences with journalists and analysts in connection with the Sales for the quarter will be published as a percentage change in local currency and in SEK, as well as in absolute figures in SEK, excluding VAT

Tax policies


Over the years, H&M has applied a conservative and prudent fiscal policy. The overall goal of our tax policy is to reflect and support our business by ensuring a stable tax rate, timely and economical reduction of tax risks and compliance with the rules and regulations in the jurisdictions in which H & M operates. H & M is present in many countries and through its presence contributes to the development of society through various taxes and duties, such as corporate tax, duties, payroll taxes, and also indirectly through VAT on clothes sold to customers.