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About Leap Frog


Leap Frog is a leader in innovative solutions that foster children’s curiosity and love of learning throughout their early development pathways. For over 20 years, LeapFrog has been helping children expand their knowledge and imagination with award-winning products that combine the modern educational experience under the guidance of the LeapFrog training team, innovative technologies, and exciting play: convert playtime. in quality time it helps children to get ahead. LeapFrog’s patented training tablets and innovative educational games, reading and writing learning systems, interactive learning toys, and more are designed to create personalized experiences that encourage and inspire children. LeapFrog, a member of the VTech group, is based in Emeryville, California, and was founded in 1995 by a parent who revolutionized technology learning solutions to help his son From the beginning, we worked hard to create entirely new ways of learning and inspire millions of children along the way. Take a look at our best-selling products and the awards they receive year after year. We believe that a child’s development is a continuous journey that takes place one spark, one discovery, one success at a time. Each adventure, each lesson, each curious moment expands the child’s knowledge and imagination, strengthening his confidence and passion for what comes next. No one knows your child like you, and no one will have a greater impact on how they relate to learning. We created many resources to help you support your journey, from our LeapFrog study path to impressions and entertainment events you can share at home.


Corporate Sustainability


At LeapFrog, we strive to help each child reach their full potential. At the heart of this commitment is the belief that children learn best when they have fun. We also believe that we can achieve this goal only if we are good corporate citizens who maintain high standards of conduct and business ethics and participate in building

a safe and sustainable world for our children and future generations.

The following links provide additional information on how LeapFrog works to promote sustainability in our daily activities.


Our activities


LeapFrog will work with suppliers to track mineral flows and ensure commitment to sustainable procurement. Starting in 2012, we will use the standardized conflict mineral reporting template EICC-GeSI to continue mapping and monitoring the obligations and activities of our suppliers. We have incorporated the principles of this policy into our LeapFrog Supplier Requirements (LFSR), and we work with our suppliers to increase transparency in the supply chain. We strive to raise awareness and build capacity in our supplier base through regular supplier training and meetings. We will communicate our policy to our suppliers and ask them to establish similar rules for their supply chain. LeapFrog supports and will rely on industry initiatives such as the Conflict Foundry Program (CFS) to determine if the conflict minerals used in our products contribute to conflict. LeapFrog supports regional supply chains (such as iTSCi), which are essential to CFS success through industry initiatives and related partnerships

Our Reward

Our innovative products have won more than 1,250 prestigious awards for their educational value, age, innovation, design and an interesting factor.