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About LinenSource


LinenSource’s free catalog is truly the best source for bedding, towels and curtains available today. Regardless of whether your tastes are traditional, more prone to a French country or somewhere in between, LinenSource is sure to find something perfect for your home. Although the LinenSource catalog is an obvious choice for bedding, it is also packed with things like wall paintings, lighting, bookshelves, bookshelves, and lots of furniture. Use it to fill empty spaces in your rooms or add style to a place where something is needed. Thanks to all kinds of sizes, colors and patterns, this resource quickly became a catalog for decorators and designers from all over the country. Request a free catalog today to discover why LinenSource is really a decorator’s best friend. We offer bedding, curtains, towels, bathrobes and slippers personalized with the company name / logo. Our products are of excellent quality at very competitive prices.


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The security of our account is important to you and us. Here are some ways to protect your information and what you can do to help: Password protection: We ask you to create a unique username and password during registration to access the Account Center. What you can do: Change your password at least once every six months. Be sure to avoid common password habits and simple passwords, movie quotes, last names, and anything else that can be easily found about you. When resetting the password, you will be asked to meet our minimum requirements: we recommend that you choose the most secure password. Network Security: We encrypt your personal information, including your credit card number, social security number, name, address, phone number, and email address. If possible, avoid logging into the Account Center over an unknown or public network. Learn more on our secure communication page and on the fraud protection page. Device Security: If you use multiple devices, borrow someone else’s computer, or use a public computer to log in, we may need additional verification, known as “external authentication,” before allowing Do not pass the authentication code on to anyone and remember that you will never be asked to share your code by text message or phone. If prompted, just select to save your username and password on your personal device. What you can do: Update your contact information so that we can contact you and verify your identity, as well as see our anti-fraud page for helpful advice.


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We disconnect you after 15 minutes of inactivity and send you email alerts when certain changes are made to your account or profile. We may also ask you to enter your password over and over again when important information, such as contact information, changes. Please note that you will never be asked to enter a password on a site other than Comenity.net. What you can do: When using a mobile device, we recommend that you use a secure PIN or fingerprint recognition to unlock the device. Never leave your account open on your computer unattended, even at home. Exit the session before closing the browser window on your mobile device. Regularly update your contact information so you can be contacted in case of suspicious activity. For more information on how to protect yourself and your credit, see our Identity Theft page.

Our returns policy


If the returned product is used, damaged, missing or damaged, or damaged during return delivery, because it was improperly packaged, some sellers may provide a partial refund to account for  best marketing