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About Lucky 21


Lucky 21 started selling on Amazon in 2013 with a focus on clothing. With years of experience in the retail sector, we have understood the importance of profitability, inventory turnover, and open source planning. Applying these skills, we quickly become great sellers with an extensive catalog. In 2016, predicting the needs of brand owners, we launched an initiative to exclusively introduce the brand. Through exclusive partnerships, we can help brands maximize profitability directly for consumer sales, while protecting the integrity and individuality of the brand and its products. Today, Lucky 21 represents more than 50 national brands and has a staff of more than 40 full-time employees.


Our Services


Amazon has become the largest showroom in the world. More than ever, it is important to protect the integrity of your brand and maximize your direct sales. We have built our business on the basis of many years of experience and knowledge in our product categories and an understanding of how to meet the needs of brand owners. In every sense; You stay in control while we do the hard work. The strategic partnership allows teams to reveal all their talents and strengths. Together we can increase sales, profitability and new product development. Combining our experience with the goals of the brand owner, we create symbiotic relationships that continue to determine our success. From purchase orders, to creating lists and photos. Continuous management of sales, repeat orders, marketing, reevaluation, continuous optimization and development of new products; At each stage, there is an expert dedicated to your success. With more than 40 full-time employees, our warehouse and office provide all processing logistics, including product orders, FBA preparation, and shipping. We are here to build relationships, disseminate information and defend the interests of all who live in a community with Down Syndrome, whether they are directly family members or just friends. We chose the name Lucky21 because we considered ourselves part of Lucky for having a child with Down syndrome, and because children born with Down syndrome have an additional copy


Our Brand


Lucky 21 has a deep and complete understanding of how to drive sales on Amazon Marketplace They developed highly sophisticated proprietary tools and processes to manage each listing and make adjustments in real time based on customer engagement. I have met or worked directly with more than a dozen companies that advise on Amazon business matters or are major third-party operators. Joey and David work on a completely different level. The Lucky 21 team was a great partner for Teikametrics. They deeply understand how to complete Amazon’s winning game book, and have provided invaluable feedback that has allowed us to improve our algorithms and technologies to maximize performance. Our performance indicators show that the brands that use our technology, combined with Lucky 21’s proven expertise in the Amazon domain, are significantly superior to their competitors.

We  sell the Build Pages

Creating a successful list requires knowledge of the product and its positioning in the Amazon categories. Attracting the buyer to visually stimulating lists and listening to customer feedback is required for further optimization.

Data Obsessed Assessment Making

Machine learning algorithms determine our pricing and marketing strategies. Our purchasing and forecasting models are based on in-depth data analysis. We strive to convert our data into ideas and our ideas into actions.