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About Performance Bike


Performance Bicycle started as a family directory in 1981 with Gary and Sharon Snook. In 1981, talking to his brother Richard about bikes, Harry Snook got Aha! Moment After doing a little research in the bicycle industry, he did what any practical finance candidate does with his wife and second child along the way: Over the years, Performance Bicycle has grown into a major online retailer, opening more than 100 physical bicycle stores across the United States. In 2007, it was sold to private investors, but unfortunately it went through difficult times, and in 2016 it was sold to Advanced Sports Enterprises. As part of ASE, the company was unable to re-establish itself, adapt to the new retail environment, and closed its North Carolina business in 2018. In February 2019, Performance Bicycle returned to its roots when AMain Sports and Hobbies duo of wives and athletes, Kendall and Kelly Bennett, bought a website to add successful e-commerce and brick and mortar companies to their families. Like the humble beginnings of Performance Bicycle, Kendall and Kelly founded AMain Hobbies in 2004 from their garage in Chico, Northern California. Kendall and Kelly share a passion for the remote control hobby and excellent customer service, but found that this did not exist in the online stores that were available They decided to open an e-commerce online store that met their expectations of what the shopping experience should be like: live inventory, fast delivery, and real-time support for people, AMain Hobbies has grown rapidly by word of mouth about spreading the company’s customer service. In 2014, Kendall was in position and ready to move on to another passion: cycling. Chico has a vibrant cycling community, of which AMain Sports & Hobbies is a part. Kendall can often be seen riding on local group rides or competing on the Chico airport criteria. Being nearly six feet, seven inches tall makes him a pitching favorite, and he threw many teammates to victory.  Today, AMain Sports and Hobbies operates three online bicycle stores and one physical bicycle store, as well as an equal number of sites and stores in the radio segment. Our cycling websites include AMainCycling.com, PerformanceBike.com, and Nashbar.com. Local bike shops are incredibly important to cycling communities. They provide people with face-to-face meetings and connections due to their love of bicycles. At the same time, Kendall and Kelly see enormous potential in how physical bicycle stores can work with online stores, as the boundaries between e-commerce and retail stores disappear.


Shipping Policy

Our online store will calculate shipping costs for domestic shipments within the United States. You will have several delivery options: US Postal Service. USA (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), OnTrac or DHL Worldwide Express. With USPS, we use delivery confirmation with internal delivery and packages are insured. UPS, Ontrac and DHL shipments are tracked and insured. The prices of the shipping options will be presented before completing the order. All the products in our store are weighed correctly, so when placing an order, it will calculate the correct shipping cost for you and provide you with a list If you put some products in your cart and start the checkout process, you can see how much the shipping cost will cost without having to complete the order. Rejection of signature: on the delivery page during payment, you can have the option Rejection of signature. If you choose Signature Waiver: The carrier will be instructed to deliver your package without a signature. This option is not available for international addresses, orders that include HazMat products and also when using the Paypal payment method.If you don’t select Opt-out: you may need to sign the package upon delivery.

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To save on your purchases with Performance Bicycle, we’ve put together some great discount coupons that you can use. Offers are valid for a limited time only and are not retroactive. The minimum order value does not include the purchase of gift certificates, the corresponding amount of taxes, transportation costs or products limited by the manufacturer. Click on our website for more information on manufacturer coupon restrictions