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About Petco


With over 50 years of experience working with pet parents, Petco is a leading pet sales specialist looking to bring health and joy to pets and loved ones. We do this by providing products, services, tips, and expertise that support pet health, mental activity, social activity, and emotional happiness. We have more than 26,000 partners and more than 1,500 Petco offices in the United States. United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico, including more than 65 offices of Unleashed by Petco, a small store in the neighborhood; comprehensive pet care and veterinary advice through Pet Coach;

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Petco promo codes, coupons, local ads, and store events are regularly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date offers and information. Local ads are out of date, so you can easily determine how long various promotions have been going on in your area. Remember to check or subscribe to Petco emails so you always know about upcoming promotions and events. You can configure your email settings through your petco.com account. Therefore, you only get the stocks you want for your pet. Although petco.com offers low prices and discounts, many of Petco’s coupon and promotion codes are limited-time offers. If you plan to return later to use the code, first check the code expiration date to find out how long the promotion lasts. The messages on the page will offer you buyback information.

Shipping Policy`


The delivery cost is determined by the total weight of the order and the selected delivery method. The total shipping cost will be shown on the checkout page before the order is shipped. Estimated shipping costs will appear in your shopping cart after logging into your registered online account. The final shipping cost will be displayed at the time of ordering, after entering the delivery address and selecting the delivery method. For all other customers, the shipping cost will be shown in the “Pay” section after entering the delivery address and choosing a delivery method. Please note that USPS does not track the progress of your shipment, it only confirms delivery. Sorry, we do not ship to addresses in the US Virgin Islands.



Petco ensures that live fish and invertebrates you request are delivered safe and sound. No refunds or rebates can be offered for live fish and invertebrates that you don’t think you need. Be sure to order the products before ¬†completing the order. If within 30 days of delivery you lose marine fish, freshwater fish, or invertebrates, please contact the customer service department at 877-738-6742. You must contact the customer service department within the required time period as described above. Refunds cannot be offered if contact is not made within these time limits. You must send a photograph of your sample to the customer service department as proof of loss. Compensation for live fish and invertebrates can only be done by contacting the customer service department and cannot be done at any Petco store. Live fish and invertebrates MAY NOT be returned to any Petco or Unleashed Petco store. Please indicate your order number when contacting the customer service department..

Return Policy


To process your return in store, be prepared to display one of the following: Save the return receipt – print it at home or get ready on your smartphone when you get to check-in. A link to print or view your store’s return receipt is in your order history in your account. Once you have found your order, select “View Details” next to the relevant order details to access the receipt. In the Petco app, you can easily view it in the “My Orders” section. Purchase confirmation by email: print at home or you’re done on your smartphone when you check in. Petco reserves the right to limit returns regardless of receipt. If there are no funds in the store, a corporate check will be issued. All returns and exchanges require a valid government ID (US ID; State ID; Driver’s License (DL), including US and Canada ID; military ID or passport). Petco electronically scans your information for the sole purpose of preventing abusive returns. Petco will not sell the information obtained as a result of this process. Return without receipt or made after 60 days is entitled to a goods credit only in the store, equal to the lowest price on the scale of the company to customized products, prescription foods, or pharmacies cannot be returned to the store