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About Pacific Sunwear


PacSun is committed to delivering products from suppliers who conduct their business honestly and responsibly and who share our faith in the protection of human rights and the environment. All PacSun suppliers are expected to do their utmost to prevent any abuse, exploitation or illegal conditions in their factories. The following are some of our efforts to ensure that our suppliers deliver on their promise to adhere to our principles: Supplier Code of Conduct: PacSun has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct in accordance with international labor law and standards. All supplier factories and subcontractors that manufacture PacSun brand products must comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct. Business Audit: PacSun uses third-party monitoring firms to ensure that the factories that manufacture our products comply with our Code of Conduct. All factory evaluations are performed on a semi-evaluated and advertised basis. Throughout the evaluation process, auditors advise plant management to resolve any inconsistencies found. PacSun also accepts global certifications from organizations like WRAP and SA8000. In some cases, we may accept recent audits of similar companies in the apparel industry whose principles are consistent with international labor standards and our Code of Conduct. Correction: We are committed to the continuous improvement of our supply plants. If non-compliance issues are identified, we believe that the best way to resolve these issues is to provide assistance and guidance to the factory by including them in the However, if a critical non-compliance issue is identified and / or when the supplier cannot meet our requirements, our policy is to terminate the business relationship. Environment: PacSun requires that all suppliers and their subcontractors comply with all local and international laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment. Inspections by our suppliers also confirm that the plants have received all necessary operating permits for the processing of hazardous materials and wastes. Plants must also have waste management systems to ensure proper treatment and treatment of wastewater and hazardous materials, and to prevent any catastrophic release of chemicals into the environment. PacSun is constantly exploring possible improvements to the program and will update our efforts as necessary to maintain a robust and comprehensive program.. All updates to our program will be marked on our social responsibility page.

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We are currently experiencing delivery delays due to the current situation.Thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure the health and safety of our equipment.


Return and Exchange

If you want to return the order you bought online in the last 30 days, you can do it by mail or return to the PacSun store. Go to www.PacSun.com/returns, fill in the information, and follow the instructions. Please note that for returns made after 30 days, the refund will be made to an electronic gift card that can be exchanged online and in the store. Our mod is changing too fast to maintain a sufficient supply. FOG (Fear of God) is non-refundable and can only be refunded with an electronic gift card within 10 days of the initial purchase of the check. This supersedes all other PacSun return policies. Swimsuit can only be returned unused with original undamaged tags and sanitary panel installed. You do not pay shipping in advance, but we will deduct $ 7 from your refusal.