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About Wingstop


Wingstop is buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant in Garland, Texas, carry on to produce to marvelous heights. When we first opened our doors in 1994 Wingstop quickly became a fan cherished Our signature recipes, delicious food and excellent customer service created demand that could satisfy only more places. Today we are one of the fastest growing concepts in the country, attracting the best entrepreneurs and operators who aspire and have their own business. Since the establishment of the store in 1994, we have been putting aroma in the first place. We are going to raise our wings to another level, skipping and releasing the freshest scents that you crave for so long. Our mission has been to serve global taste since we first opened the store in 1994, and we are just starting. In 1997, our first Wingstop franchise division opened, and in 2002, we served the world with a billion wings. His taste defines us and has made Wingstop one of the fastest growing brands in the restaurant industry. Wingstop is the destination when you crave for fresh, never-falsified wings, seasoned fries and any of our famous sides. For people who demand a taste in everything that they do, there is only Wingstop, because it is more than food, it is an experience of taste.


(Wingstop) are proud that our fans are inspired by our brand and want to share with us their ideas, innovations, tastes and other winged thoughts. However, Wingstop does employ full-time experts in the wing, upon whom we hope to generate new ideas for our brand and our fans. It’s not that your ideas aren’t worthy, but you don’t want to fire the team from work. And our attorneys tell us that we should avoid unsolicited ideas, because we don’t want to argue about the belonging of these great ideas.


Wingstop customers may have the perfect idea for a new concept, and we might miss out on a great opportunity, but ownership and protection should be considered. Wingstop adheres to a policy that does not allow him or his employees to accept unwanted ideas from outside sources (fans and other third parties). Wingstop is committed to innovation and creation through internal business departments and their employees. With this in mind, if we create a new concept with the help of our in-house experts, and a talented customer / fan will come up with a virtually similar idea, it will not be easy to determine who is the author of the winged idea. To better protect ourselves and all of our fans, we must adhere to this strict policy, which does not allow us to consider, consider or accept such ideas from Therefore, we recommend that you do not submit unsolicited ideas to us. If you still insist on sending us your unsolicited ideas, the following conditions apply: Wingstop will have no obligation with respect to the submitted materials, including an obligation to verify the submitted materials, return any materials, or confirm receipt of the submitted materials. Due to archiving requirements, your email may be stored in our system, but please note that this is not an attempt to preserve our clients’ great ideas; rather, it is