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About Wise Food Storage


Wise takes an innovative approach by providing reliable, simple and affordable food products prepared, lyophilized and dehydrated for emergency preparation and outdoor use. Our top priority is the safety of the consumers who use our products. We are proud to help families prepare for the unexpected. With 99% satisfaction and millions of packages sold, Wise quickly became the nation’s leader in emergency preparedness. Wise uses an ultra-dense barrier film for its packaging called Metallyte ™ Metallized Oriented Polypropylene (OPP). These films are designed to provide optimal protection for oxygen and moisture sensitive products with a long service life. It has an exceptional barrier to oxygen, flavors and aromas and has an excellent barrier to water vapor. Wise conducts periodic testing to ensure that its packaging meets or exceeds industry quality standards. On the right are the latest random pack test results for March 2015.

Use both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients

Wise uses a combination of technologies to achieve the best possible flavor and quality. Some ingredients are better absorbed by lyophilization (vegetables, fruits, meat), while others are improved by dehydration. In these cases, dehydrated ingredients have all the benefits and are more valuable than lyophilized products. Wise takes a unique and innovative approach to producing food for camp and preparing for long-term emergencies. Our prepared snacks, meat, vegetables, and fruits can be freeze-dried or dehydrated. However, both processes provide an extremely long service life. The food retains its original flavor, shape, color and texture. With all the water removed, the food becomes extremely light. When water is added, the food is completely restored Wise customers enjoy peace of mind with a long shelf life and great taste.

Why should I purchase from Wise Company?

We strive to provide reliable, simple, and affordable finished dehydrated and lyophilized products. At Wise, we have extensive experience in customer satisfaction. We are sure that you will find our product of the highest quality, at the best price and at the most affordable price. Most customers receive their product within 10-14 business days of ordering. During periods of high demand, delivery times can vary from 14 to 28 days.

Return Policy

You can return any product without question within 90 days from the date of purchase. To begin the return process, call us at 801-335-0345 or email us at corporate@wisecompanyus.com. NOTE When selling products with solar panels and generators, a replacement fee equivalent to the return shipping cost of this product is charged if the buyer receives a generator and / or solar panel and then wishes to return it.

  1. Return the product to the address provided in our return department.
  2. Save your shipping documents to confirm shipping in case of lost returned products.

USA (US) Or worth more than $ 100 must be insured. We are not responsible for the return of products that did not reach our return department. We will notify you of the refund by phone, mail or email as soon as we receive and process the returned products. You can expect a return in the same form of payment that was originally used for the purchase within 20 business days from the date we receive your return