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ADIDAS has its roots in Germany, but we are truly a global company. Employees from approximately 100 countries work in our global office in Herzogenaurach, Germany – “World of Sports”. In 2019, we released over 1.1 billion sports and lifestyle products with independent manufacturing partners worldwide, with sales of 23.640 billion euros. These figures alone can easily suggest that adidas is a fairly large and multifaceted organization of Truth. But we make things simple, slender and fast. And we will use this approach now to give a general idea of our company. Sports products using the latest technology help us do our best. adidas is home to a runner, basketball player, soccer kid, fitness enthusiast and yoga. And even a weekend tourist who wants to escape from the city. Before the whistle, during the race and at the finish, People who challenge agreements break the rules and define new ones. We develop sportswear that allows you to move, win and enjoy life to the fullest. We create bras and tights for athletes who play as hard as men. In the field path, in the yard and in the pool. We are inspired by retro sweatshirts that create new essentials for street wear. Classic sports models are brought back to life on the streets and stages of the world.


This is where we come from; everything we do is rooted in sports. And sport is playing an increasingly important role in the life of an increasing number of people, both on the playing field and beyond. Sport is central to any culture and society and is the basis of human health and happiness. Therefore, we believe that through sports we can change lives. This basic belief defines how we manage our company, how we work with our partners, how we create our products and how we interact with our customers.


It is our great mission Adidas make the greatest company in the world Every day, we work to create and sell the world’s best sports and fitness products to offer the best service and consumer experience – and do it all in To successfully do this, we are fully focused on our authentic sports brands, as they communicate and interact with our consumers. Plunge into the world of our main brands here:


Reebok is a world famous American brand with a deep legacy of fitness. It is our great mission Adidas make the greatest company in the world. At Reebok, we know that greatness is not about standing still. We have great history of brash borders. We are the brand that helped open the movement in fitness, which forever changed our view of spandex and headbands. Now it’s not the 80s, but today we continue to dare in everything we do. Moving from a traditional sports brand to a fitness-oriented brand, we understood one universal truth: an active life allows people to be themselves – physically, mentally and socially