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Why people choose us

Amazons are smart and enthusiastic builders with different backgrounds and goals who share a common desire to always learn and invent on behalf of our Safelite, founded in 1947 in whatever the glass of your car, there is a good chance that we will be able to repair it by repair or replacement. Safelite we always at your service 24/7 and 365 days a year All of our professionals go through a wide audience and practice our SafeTech certification program. Safelite reutilizes secondhand car glass, making windshield additional extra global sociable. From the front and rear windshields to the side windows, we proudly serve 6 million customers every year. We care about cars, but more about the people who drive them. That is why we give away our communities where we live and work. Everything we do is focused on simplicity, convenience and lack of stress for you.

Eliminations of Warranty

This guarantee does not apply to leaks, stress cracks or related damage caused by the installation of vehicles in which the weld seam is damaged or rusting. Safelite will make an economically reasonable effort to notify you of the presence of such damage or rust before removing existing glass. In these cases, Safelite is not liable for any damage resulting from this. In addition, damage that is not attributable to faulty workmanship or materials is expressly excluded from the coverage of this guarantee. The manufacturer or supplier is under no circumstances liable for incidental or consequential damage. Safelite Glass guarantee gives you exact legal moralities, Some countries do not permit the rejection or restraint of secondary or substantial recompenses, so the overhead restriction or elimination may not put on to you.

About safe lite

From modern & current car models to old ones, you can see the differences and advances in auto glass technology. Your car’s glass technology ranges from sensors integrated in the windshield to automatic sunroofs and infrared glass, and that’s more than just glass. We have compiled a guide for all types of auto glass so that you can familiarize yourself with the functions and technologies of your car. Use these guides to learn more about the various details of auto glass and about the modern technologies that are used in them. Everything from various parts and designs to the latest innovations in modern cars, when it comes to auto glass, this is not one size fits all. It is also not one type suitable for everyone.e.g did you see any type of windeilds or little window in next while other regular window is called quarter Safelite experts are well versed in this type of car glass, but it is still important to have a general understanding of the glass of your car.
Cars are made more perfect and better equipped in the modern automotive market. We notify that all glass detail is presented in your driving car. To identify name function, security and numerous auto windows need to use this source