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Bath &Body Works products
Lotions, scrubs, creams, mists, oils … we understand that body care can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a step-by-step guide to skin care (and some great products) to get you started: Our body cleanses from dead skin (and bad mood), leaving you soft, smooth and prepared for the rest of your body care. Then immerse yourself in a cleansing mood with a dreamy-smelling body wash or shower gel.. Now add some moisture to your skin with a body cream or body lotion. Our body lotions are filled with super-fluffy shea butter and moisturizing vitamin E to make you incredibly soft, smooth and nourishing. Bonus: they leave you feeling smooth and fresh without feeling fat or heavy. And the best thing in the end: it’s time to treat yourself!
Add lip gloss or balm to keep your lips soft. Complete the process with a jet of your favorite subtle scent to brighten your mood. What if you want to spend a Saturday evening in the bath? Light your favorite candle with three Bath & Body Works wicks, take a suitable (or a completely different one!) Foam bath or bath carbonated drink (like a bath bomb) and soak up some foam and pleasant vibrations. Find out more about body and skin care products designed for specific purposes such as aromatherapy, foot care, or hand care.
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About Bath &Body Works
Welcome to the world of new body care products, where you can find the latest releases, seasonal fragrances and the freshest products. We always experiment with new flavors and blends, and as soon as the weather changes: seasonal flavors. Yes! As soon as spring comes, we will fill our shelves (and web pages) with new colors, beach scents and a refreshing atmosphere. And, of course, we will have new aromas for summer, autumn and winter (completely delighted with the holiday aromas!).Now that you have tested the latest fragrances (and hopefully found what you like), it’s time to update your body care routine with the latest goodies. Cleansing: we love a new shower gel or moisturizing body gel to remove stress and refresh our senses.
Moisturizing: Then fix hydration and get super-soft skin with body lotion or body cream, Mist: Finish your routine with a light, air-like perfume fog – the corresponding aroma is always magnificent. Try perfumes available only in our most luxurious fragrances. Three simple and easy steps to smell good all day, Examine body scrubs – they not only determine body care, but are also great for exfoliating the skin. And while you get a little R & R, sit back and relax with our super-luxurious and super-fluffy bubble bath. (Don’t forget a glass of wine and a great podcast.) Now that you’ve found everything new, what about fragrances that you haven’t seen for a long time? Retire your fragrances and reunite with your old favorites!